Cultivating teacher activists and decolonizing teacher activism

Thank you for considering joining this project!  As part of my dissertation study, I invite you, my Eugene/Bethel/Springfield people, to work in a small group, with myself and a 10-12 other teachers, to understand and support our important and urgent work as activists outside the classroom. We are going to engage in a Teacher Inquiry Group (TIG) to discuss how we as non-Native educators can contribute to decolonizing work through our activism. I hope to capture your insights and experiences in activism, while we all learn from each other, through sharing experience and wisdom. Participation in all parts of the study is entirely voluntary.

Water color and pen on paper, 2016

I hope you will read the information here, complete the initial (short!) survey, attend an info session, and ultimately choose to participate in the TIG.

The TIG will be limited to a small group, but up to 200 people can do the survey, tell their Origin Stories, and send in Realia!  These require digital participation, so teacher activists’ contributions are not limited by geography.  (Send this page to your friends!)  

The only requirements are: 

  1. you have been a public school professional [any grade, any discipline or specialty, nurses, counselors, etc, everyone welcome] 
  2. and have been for at least five years; 
  3. you identify as a teacher activist and participate in social justice work outside of your classroom; and 
  4. you do not identify as a Native or Indigenous person (I know this sounds weird and exclusionary, but the study is about ally work – it will make sense as we get underway).

There are multiple ways to contribute to the study, even if you are not able to participate in the Teacher Inquiry Group.  There are thank you gifts for participating in each of the pieces, according to the time required for each (details of the incentives are outlined in the informed consent document). If you cannot make it, or do not prefer the group work, I would appreciate if you would at least complete the survey. If you like, you can continue on to do the collection of “Realia” and / or the telling of your “Origin Story.” Please see below for information on all of the parts of the study:

Survey Only: All who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing to receive a $20 gift card. To go directly to the survey….

If you are not able to participate in the group, please consider completing the Survey, telling your Origin Story, and sharing Realia from your activism! Thank you!

Teacher Inquiry Group: Members of the TIG will meet six times, to discuss six interrelated topics. There will be some reading and small “homework” assignments between meetings.  The meetings should last approximately two hours and the time spent outside of the meeting should be no more than an hour, unless you choose to do additional reflection, research, writing, etc. on your own. The purpose of the TIG is for us to explore together the work of our teacher activism and how it relates to decolonization efforts of Native teachers and Indigenous activist educators.  As the researcher I will also be a participant, as well as the facilitator, of the meetings.  All sessions will be audiotaped or videotaped to capture the detailed comments made by participants. If you choose to participate in the TIG we will discuss confidentiality, anonymity and privacy concerns at an Information Session prior to our first meeting.  If you are interested in participating in the six TIG sessions, please….