Activist Realia

If you are an English or ESL or other language teacher, you are already familiar with “realia” but if you are not, you can just think of it as the “stuff” that can inspire or help tell your story.

In my study I am trying to tell the story of teacher activists and teacher activism – more accurately, I am trying to have YOU tell the story. To that end, if you would like to share anything related to your own practice of teacher activism, please do! There are many ways you can do this, so please do whatever works for you. “Realia” in this context can mean almost anything: art, writing, even doodling! Photos, newspaper articles, photos, poetry, meeting minutes, flyers, etc. If you wonder if something “counts” just ask me (I’ll probably say “of course!”)

Send me your “stuff”

SNAIL MAIL:Education Studies; 124 Lokey Education Building, University of Oregon, Eugene OR 97403

*note that texting is the least desirable option as far as data management, privacy, confidentiality, etc. Please be aware if you use that option that your information is not secure.