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Dissertation Research Happening!

I am looking for teacher activists to participate in my dissertation research study! There are two parts: online and in-person. Eugene/Springfield/Bethel folks are welcome to join the “Teacher Inquiry Group.” Any teacher activist from anywhere else can participate in the online survey, Origin Story, and Realia.
I appreciate all the work ya’ll do, and would love to have you share your stories! Click here please!

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My Work


In years of experience, I contributed to numerous projects that helped clients achieve their goals. I am available for taking on new work. See my contact information below and get in touch.


My skills and specialities include AutoCAD, Fashion Modeling, Pet Styling, 120mm Film, Blogging, and Getting Things Done.


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About Me

I am a Nor’easter (like the storm!) living in the Pacific Northwest; moved the family out here in 2011 to bring the University of Oregon’s Service-Learning Program into the 21st Century! Which I did. The students and faculty at UO are amazing, and our community partners have become more than work collaborators – they are friends! In a town this size we all run into each other all over the place – at the grocery store, at rallies and demonstrations, sports games, the coffee shop, etc.

I got into service-learning when I was at PS 84 (the Lilian Weber School) and started working on the Penny Harvest! Goosebumps and tearing up hearing those kids talk about what they had learned during their community engaged experience. From there I took the Harvest and a growing pedagogy of social justice to The School at Columbia University (K-8).

At “The School” I was lucky enough to not only run the Penny Harvest, but to offer after school programs for kids who wanted more community work, and every Integrated Project Week I got to partner up with my amazing colleagues to do even MORE!

Working with the college students the past few years has been amazing – they have the righteous indignation of middle schoolers but they are 18, so they don’t need permission slips for everything! They can drive, and sign their own waivers!

Somewhere along the line, the Service-Learning Program at UO was growing and thriving like gangbusters, and my friend and mentor Art Pearl said to me, “You need to get a doctorate or you’re not going to be qualified to run your own program!” So I began studying in Education Studies’ Critical & Sociocultural Studies Foundation, which rocks. I am working on my dissertation now.

In my spare time I enjoy surfing, backgammon, and men who aren’t afraid to cry. Not really, I enjoy keeping an eye on the local school board, writing letters to the editor about what I observe, watching 11-year-olds play soccer in the pouring rain, and 16-year-olds run in pouring rain. I have about 40 side-gigs to try and not go completely broke while finishing this dissertation. Some of them are fun.

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